Helicopter Transfer Bologna

Bologna and its region are famous worldwide for the motors, the circuits and the eno-gastronomic specialities. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani Zonta, Ducati are all designed and produced here like the Parmesan, the “tortellini”, the “Prosciutto di Parma” and his majesty the “Culatello”.

Bologna and the entire region are well known for the industrial districts and worldwide famous companies dealing from gym equipments to medical, from building to chemicals: if arriving for business meetings we can take you directly at your partners’ door.

Helitaly organizes Helicopter Transfer in the region, to reach your destination in the fastest way, with all comforts. From Rimini to Bologna the Helicopter Charter shall take 35 minutes only.


Main Destinations About Helicopter Transfer from/to Bologna

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Helicopter Transfer BolognaHelicopter Flight Times (approx.)
Bologna to Modena15'
Bologna to Maranello15'
Bologna to Rimini35'
Bologna to Venice45'
Bologna to Milan60'