Helicopter Transfer Merano

On the Italian Alps Merano Village is famous for its thermal waters and the deluxe hotel where a famous French nutritionist applies its biontology method. There they offer programmes for detoxification, regeneration, weight loss and beauty treatments and Clients can book specific treatments for overall wellbeing of the body and the mind.

Helitaly often sets up helicopter flights from Innsbruck, Milano, Verona or Monaco to Merano: our helipad is just few minutes by car away. Helicopter Flight time from Verona to Merano is approximately 40 minutes, from Merano to Innsbruck about 25 minutes while from Merano to Milano the flight time shall be 60 minutes only.

Using our helicopter services allows our clients to reach or leave this Merano oasis in an effective and completely relaxed way.


Main Destinations About Helicopter Transfer from/to Merano

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Helicopter Transfer MeranoHelicopter Flight Times (approx.)
Verona to Merano40'
Innsbruck to Merano25'
Milan to Merano60'