Arena di Verona Opera Festival

2023 Summer Season

Of all the beauties Verona has to offer there is one that enshrines the essence of the city itself, the Arena di Verona. With its 31 meters height and 30.000 seats, it is the third biggest arena. Following Capua Amphitheatre, near Naples, and the Colosseum in Rome, which detains the record, the Arena di Verona is in first place for the biggest open-air theatre ever built.

This ancient amphitheater has a timeless appeal; in fact, historians date it approximately during the Roman Empire between Augustus and Claudius reign.

Situated in the center city, in the famous Piazza Bra, the largest square in Verona, surrounded by venetian style houses, this magnificent theater stuns with its white and red limestone. The overall picture is breathtaking but the Arena is only a part of what the city has to offer: its little bridges, street porches and the roman-style architecture create a romantic and picturesque look that catches the eyes.

Each summer the Arena hosts operas and ballets with artists of international fame, since 1913. With only a break throughout the two World Wars, the Fondazione Arena di Verona kept this long tradition standing and this year is not an exception. A total of 49 unrepeatable performances in under three months, from June 16th to September 9th, will be held to celebrate the 100th Arena Opera Festival.

Starting with “Heavenly Aida, goddess of Beauty”, Giuseppe Verdi’s opera, which became the undiscussed symbol of the Arena since its first representation in 1913, will be opening the season. By the same author, La Traviata, the most performed opera in the world and Nabucco whose “Va, pensiero, sull’ali dorate” [Take flight, thought, on golden wings] has a special place in all Italians’ heart. Another opera of Verdi’s Popular Trilogy, Rigoletto, with the well-known “La donna è mobile” [Woman is fickle], is in the program as well. To follow, Puccini’s Tosca and Madame Butterfly with the set-up created by the famous screenwriter Franco Zeffirelli, who also directed Bizet’s Carmen.

There will be also few nights in which the great tenor Placido Domingo, a summer star at the Arena, since his début in 1969, will performed some of the notorious arias and duets. Along with the Spanish maestro, Jonas Kaufmann, described as “the most important, versatile tenor of his generation” by the New York Times in 2014.

Fear not! Ballet will be present too; in fact, the category will be well represented by Roberto Bolle & Friends, another awaited seasonal appointment at the amphitheater. The Italian ballet dancer is in fact a staple in the ballet world, having danced and performed in some of the major theatre and ballet company around the globe. Together with him, Nicoletta Manni, étoile of Teatro alla Scala in Milan, and Melissa Hamilton, London Royal Ballet, to name a few.

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“The Arena di Verona is a place where values, cultures, and symbols mingle together and mediate. Art, music…they connect people, their dreams and sensibilities. Because of this only, they contribute in taking down walls and barriers.” Stefano Trespidi, Arena di Verona’s artistic vice director

Embark on a helicopter flight and take in the beautiful Verona, a magic city where art, history and culture come together. Meanwhile, the Arena Summer Festival will gift you outstanding memories of breathtaking opera and ballets performances.

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