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Barcolana, the largest regatta in the world

The Barcolana, 3 – 11 october 2020,  is a historic international sailing regatta held every year in the Gulf of Trieste, Italy.

On the occasion of the 50th edition of 2018 it entered the Guinness World Record as the “largest sailing race” in the world with 2689 boats.

Born in 1969, the Barcolana is an unique event in the international sailing scene thanks to its particular formula: professional sailors and simple enthusiasts find themselves on a single starting line, competing side by side on boats of various sizes that are divided into categories depending on the overall length.

You can find all the informations and the program of the event on

Trieste, the city of the Bora

Known as the city of the Bora, a katabatic wind that blows in the gulf of Trieste with east-north east direction, Trieste is a Port city that occupies a thin strip of land between the Adriatic and the Slovenian border. Italian, Austro-Hungarian and Slovenian influences are evident throughout the city, which includes a medieval old town and a neoclassical district of the Austrian era. The city is rich in historical monuments, among the most famous Unità d’Italia Square, Canal Grande, Miramare Castle, Victory Lighthouse, as well as numerous statues and museums.

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