Helicopter Tour Aeolian Islands

The Aeolian Islands

The Archipelago of the Aeolian Islands consist of seven exquisite islands off the coast of Sicily – Lipari, Panarea, Vulcano, Stromboli, Salina, Alicudi and Filicudi – in addition to smaller islets and giant boulders. They all emerge from an uncontaminated sea, created by still-active volcanoes (Stromboli and Vulcano), and blessed by a savage beauty. They are a little piece of paradise, an archipelago offering a […]

Sardinia Helicopter tour and transfer

Welcome to Sardinia

Situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia is a mainly mountainous region, with a vast and charming natural environment. In fact, the presence of man does not seem to affect this territory; great surfaces still preserve their natural composition, luxuriant woods with even millenary trees, small desert areas and marshes inhabited by deer, […]

Sardinia Scenic flights: Every Shade of Blue

Sardinia is without a doubt one of our personal favorites, a magic Island that mesmerizes the more demanding eye. A scenic flight over Costa Smeralda coastline, together with the beautiful sunset light, creates the perfect atmosphere to close on a high note any Italian holiday. And, if you love photography like we do, do not […]

Sardinia: La Casitta

There is no feeling like flying over La Maddalena archipelago and landing at La Casitta with its staff ready to serve you. Located in Santa Maria, one of the smallest and inhibited island in the archipelago, La Casitta is not only a luxury hotel, but one of the finest dining experiences that one can find […]

Helicopter Magazine Tuscany

Tuscany Coastline: The hidden Treasure

During the past years, Tuscany has become one of the favorite destinations within the Italic peninsula, with many hidden treasures worth exploring: Elba Island, the biggest of the Tuscany archipelago, preferred by history passionate for the late history of French emperor Napoleon. Forte dei Marmi, the most famous Tuscany beach destination. Port Ercole, with its […]

Helicopter Magazine island of Sardinia

Sardinia: The island of wonderful contrasts

In the middle of an emerald Mediterranean Sea an Island of white sand beaches emerges from the horizon. This amazing Italian destination offers a perfect balance between nature and fine dining that have nothing to envy to the most known luxury sites in Italy. A perfect example is Porto Cervo, where history and millenary traditions […]

Capri: The Ultimate holiday destination

Immerse yourself in the Mediterranean appeal. Capri Island has been for years one of the top VIP destinations. Its dazzling coves, and delightful small beaches between the cliffs made this beautiful island the jewel of the Amalfi coast. Lose yourself in the deepest electric glows of Blue Grotto, pamper yourself with some of the best […]

Helicopter Transfers Tours Portofino

Portofino and Tigullo Golf: Il dolce far niente

An old fishing town transformed into a magnificent beauty, Portofino is without a doubt one of the landscape jewels of Italy. Part of Tigullo Golf, Portofino is unique for it contrast, colorful houses creating a live mosaic, built into a voluptuously green and protected cove, where fishing boats anchors alongside luxury yachts. The city is […]

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