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Traveling on a private jet will allow you to utilize smaller airports, to avoid large commercial crowds airports and spending prolonged periods in closed confined spaces with a large number of people.

Private flights will allow you to avoid queuing, avoiding long waiting moments, therefore saving your time. Moreover, there are no intrusive security checks. And to conclude you are in the hands of the highest safety standards in the industry.

Business aviation needs to put aircraft disinfection and cleaning at the forefront, given the current global situation with COVID-19.

Following each flight, it’s best practice to ensure the aircraft is fully disinfected for this reason are used two specific methods: the interior surface wipe and ozone (O3) cleansing.

During the interior surface wipe-downs, the leather seats are cleaned with a disinfectant cleaner, that contains a pH level friendly enough for the leather, while also killing 99.9% of bacteria. For the ozone cleaning method, an ozone generator is set up in the cabin with circulation fans for four hours with the cabin sealed. The aircraft cabin is then aired out to remove any ozone that has not yet returned to the original O2 form.

This is the process to ensure a worry-free trip and allow you to reach your destinations, whether it’s a business or a leisure trip.

Health and safety first!

Helitaly can arrange jet transfers form and to all over the world.

If you want to be informed about travel restrictions adopted by countries all over the world, we suggest you to consult the IATA page, The International Air Transport Association.

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