Formula 1 Grand Prix Monaco

Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco

26th - 28th May 2023

Nelson Piquet memorably described driving around Monaco as “like riding a bicycle around your living room”… which is fair considering the incredibly narrow and totally iconic circuit. Despite that, it’s a challenge that nearly all drivers love, forcing them to put their skills on the line and rewarding millimetric accuracy.

The First Official Grand Prix in Monaco was in 1950. Today the number of laps is 78, the City Circuit length is 3.337 Km and the lap world record is 1 minute, 12,909 seconds done by Lewis Hamilton in the year 2021.

A holiday on the Côte d’Azur, plus the chance to see Formula 1 cars whizzing around the places where Monegasques usually go to buy a pint of milk? It’s as fun as it sounds.

Furthermore, you cannot miss the opportunity to get on track after a day of demanding laps, to enjoy dinner in one of the terrace bars and delight yourself with all the charm, beauty and luxury of Monte Carlo.

To buy tickets, to be updated with all the news about this unique and unmissable event and F1:

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