About Bormio

Bormio sits at 1,225 metres above sea level in a sunny dell and is truly a special place thanks to its climate, hot water springs and its invaluable historical district, testimony to Bormio’s important role in the past as the capital of the Bormio County. Above all, it is the natural beauty of the surrounding valleys that together enrich the upper Valtellina region.

The refined spa centres are an important part of the tourist offer: Bagni VecchiBagni Nuovi and Terme di Bormio, Bormio has long been a tourist attraction. Members of the Roman aristocracy already travelled to Bormio in order to enjoy warm baths in the mountainous scenery. It is an unforgettable experience to take a dip in the natural hot water pool when the outside temperature is below zero degrees and possibly even snowing.

A curiosity: the Bagni Vecchi are first mentioned in a letter from 535 A.D. in which Cassiodoro recommended the “aquae eburnieae” (“waters of Bormio”) to king Theodahad for curing gout.

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