32nd Monaco Yacht Show

September 27th-30th, Monaco, France

The month of September is dedicated to the Yacht Shows. The first time the event took place was in 1991 and since then it has attracted more than 20.000 visitors each year. Between September 27th and 30th, hundreds of superyachts will be showcased in the exclusive and glamorous location of Port Hercule in Monaco, France.

The event is the largest annual gathering of luxury boats and a staple in the yachting world, with 590 businesses attending. Through the exposition, it will be possible to observe the finest models of the years up close. However, the highlight will be the presentation of new creations not yet on the market.

There will be different areas of exposition, each one of them dedicated to an aspect of yachting and its exciting world. For example, the Sailing Area showcases magnificent vessels: their elegant designs and advanced engineering combine aesthetics with performance and functionality. You could also marvel at the avant-garde creation that will redefine the trends of luxury yachting and engage in discussion with the designers through the Yacht Design & Innovation Hub. We cannot miss mention the Yacht Summit, a platform created to share ad hoc intelligence with prospective clients by the top experts in the field.

If you think that would be an incredible opportunity, wait until you receive “The Call”, as the aficionados say, better known as the Sapphire Experience. The concierge team at the Yacht Show will get you to all the best soirées, from galas to cocktail parties, and meetings with the most influential figures of the industry, on top of their own vessels and luxury boats. It is the peak of exclusivity and a heart-stopping moment for every yacht lover.

The exposition focuses on luxury boats in all their forms and dimensions but, in fact, it goes well beyond that. The Adventure Area is a dedicated space for new experiences and onboard entertainment, where on-land and on-sea motorsports come together with the art of fine yachting. From water toys to tenders and even luxury cars, the area was created to satisfy the new generation of yachting enthusiasts, creating at the same time, a new era of superyachts.

Furthermore, the Seducation Program is again a fundamental part of the 32nd edition of the Monaco Yacht Show. Part of a three-year plan, this project wants to attract a new generation of yachting lovers (Seduction) through meetings with field experts (Education), making the discovery of new products easier. The aim is to create an “ecosystem” of yachting based on four pillars: environmental innovation, design, understanding of yachting, and visitor experience.

If you want to be updated and know all about the event, visit the official website.

It is a significant event and a dream for every yachting aficionado, walking through some incredible luxury superyacht and megayacht, one of a kind in the world, in the glamorous location of the Principality of Monaco. Embark on a Helicopter ride and reach the Monaco Yacht Show 2023 Edition.

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