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Private flights and COVID-19

The ongoing uncertainty surrounding the escalating novel COVID-19 situation has rocked all corners of the aviation industry. And while everyone tries to keep tabs on legacy airlines ever-evolving policies, restrictions, and adjustments, private jet companies have reported an influx of requests and increased customer interest in light of coronavirus-related concerns.

The industry is expecting a surge in demand with a potential drop in supply due to increased aircraft utilization by owners. The prices of the offer for the moment are stable.

People are absolutely trying to find alternative ways to get to their destinations. The price gap between commercial and private flights is large, but many people that really need to travel for business or for family reasons, would do anything to be able to do it in a safety way.

What are the advantages by flying with a private flight?

Traveling on a private flight will allow you to utilizing smaller airports, to avoid large commercial crowds airports and spending prolonged periods of time in closed confined spaces with a large number of people.

Will allow you to avoid queuing, avoiding long waiting moments, therefore saving your time. There are no intrusive security checks. And to conclude you are in the hands of the highest safety standards in the industry.

These are just part of the advantages by flying with a private jet.

Health and safety first!

Helitaly can arrange jet transfers form and to all over the world.

If you want to be informed about travel restrictions adopted by countries all over the world, we suggest you to consult this page of the IATA, The International Air Transport Association.

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