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Rome: Eternal City, Endless Inspiration

The capital of the World! Its ancient history and limitless culture make Rome one of the most visited cities in Europe: an overlapping architecture from different centuries met the chaotic of modern life. Rome holds a surprise in every turn, and because of it, people around the globe had come over the years seeking its hidden treasures.

From Goethe to Poe, authors have been no exception to the rule, they all heard the city whispers: Goethe called it “the place where the school of the world is”; Hawthorne was embellished with Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica, “the greatest Basilica in Rome”; James compared the Pantheon to a “fathomless abyss of history”; and Poe saw the power of Rome even in the Temple of Castore and Polluce ruins, “Not all the power is gone, not all our fame”.

No matter how many times someone has visited the city, there is always a new masterpiece to discover. Helitaly can arrange seamless helicopter transfer from any major Italian city.

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