Ryder Cup 2023

September 29th-October 1st. Marco Simone, Rome, Italy.

Between September 29th and October 1st, the Eternal City will be hosting the 44th edition of the Ryder Cup at the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club.

It is the most prestigious golf competition not to mention the third sports event most followed, after the Olympic games and the World Cup. Indeed, golf is the most individual sport practiced, with a total amount of 65 million players in the world.

The competition will see the European team against their American counterparts. The players, twelve for each team, will compete in three days, plus the three of practice, open to the public. There will be twenty-eight matches in total, the first two days will be dedicated to Four-ball and Foursome while on the last day, there would be twelve match plays.

If you want to be updated and know all about the event, visit the official website.

The Ryder Cup is for sure an event not to miss since twenty-four of the best golf players face each other in this historic competition every two years.

In fact, the first-ever Ryder Cup took place in 1927 at Worcester Country Club in Massachusetts where Great Britain lost to the home team. The idea of an oversea golf competition come to the English businessman and entrepreneur Samuel Ryder, whose name was given to the Cup which he donated back in the day.

Although at the beginning the only two teams involved were Great Britain and the USA. After World War II, it was decided to include first Ireland and then Continental Europe in the equation. However, the choice was made mainly to try to end the winning streak of the American team; in fact, a new generation of Spanish golfers made their appearance on the scene, led by Seve Ballesteros and Antonio Garrido.

The Ryder Cup is the only sport competition in which Europe play as a team and since 1979, it has won eleven times outright and retained the Cup once in a tied match, whilst the United States won nine times over the same period.

The location chosen to host the Cup is the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club, property of the Biagiotti family, near Rome. Back in 2015, Italy presented its proposition to host the Ryder Cup for the 44th edition, impressing Richard Hills, European Ryder Cup director. For the occasion, the golf course was revised and a few changes were made; the same Fazio family, who design the course for Marco Simone for the Italian Open in 1994, worked to renovate it and update it to today’s standard.

The course is located 27 kilometers (17 miles) northeast of Rome’s center, and the capital city is visible on a clear day from parts of the layout.

“That’s something pretty special that the city of Rome can be seen from the 18th tee of a potential Ryder Cup course” Hills said.

The Eternal City is a throughout showcase of beauty and the possibility of seeing it from the golf course is a plus but for sure it won’t be the only amazing performance during the event.

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