Q&A: Tailor Made Helicopter Flights

It is easy: just drop few lines to booking@helitaly.com including full names, date of birth and passport numbers. Let us also know the detail of your international flights to schedule the Helicopter Flights in connection.

What is the payment method?

Helitaly: Helicopter Italy accepts International Bank Transfers, in Euros or US Dollars. Payment to be done upon flight confirmation. Our bank details are: Credito Valtellinese Bank – Beneficiary Quattroti Dentech Srl IBAN IT43Z0521651580000000001840 BIC SWIFT BPCVIT2S. Please send us a copy of the bank swift.

Are helicopters a safe way to travel?

Yes. Helicopters are among the safest transportation modes available, and are the most widely used air rescue vehicles in the world. All our Helicopters and Pilots are fully certified by Italian Aviation Authority, following the European regulations.

What experience do the pilots have and where are they from?

All of Helitaly Helicopter’s pilots are Western pilots, mainly from Italy, and are very experienced operators, strictly guided by Italian and European Aviation Laws – Your safety is assured.

How many bags can we carry on?

It depends on how many passengers on board your private flight: if a couple there is a volume/size limitation only, if four or more there might be also a weight issue. We do advice to use soft bags only. Anyway we can provide a Van transportation of your luggage, from the airport directly to your hotel. The cost would between € 350 and € 400 per trip. Upon flight booking we will give you detailed information about the allowed luggage, based on your group size

Where do we check-in for the Helicopter flight?

On arrival from your international flight you will need to clear Custom and collect your baggage. At the exit there will be our driver to take your luggage for the Van transportation. Depending on which airport you are arriving, the driver might also take you to the departure lounge of the Helicopter but in most cases it is just a small walk away, inside the same Terminal. There, an easy boarding procedure and you will be flying. At the end of your holiday we will arrange the luggage transportation by Van and your Helicopter flight, in time to catch your connecting flight home.

What happens if the weather is bad?

Helicopters, being widely used as Emergency Search & Rescue Operations, can flight in most weather conditions. But your safety and comfort come first for Helitaly: in case of weather conditions below our strict safety parameters, we will cancel the flight and provide an alternative transportation by Van. For the return flight we will take a decision 12H in advance, to make sure you do not risk to miss your international flight. Of course, in case of flight cancellation due to “force majeure”, Helitaly shall refund the paid amount, deducted of the cost for the alternative transportation and a € 300 administrative fee per flight.

How can I have detailed information about my Helicopter flights?

Upon flight confirmation (Helicopter Tours or Helicopter Transfers) Helitaly shall send you all the necessary and useful information. It is always possible to get in touch with us by email info@helitaly.com or calling Mobile +39.3666907462 (H24).

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