This wonderful experience begins with a comfortable helicopter transfer to the Amalfi Coast, where your chosen car will be waiting for you.

Get in the Supercar and start the unforgettable journey from Sorrento to Ravello.

Magically suspended between the blue sky and the iridescent sea, the Amalfi Coast seems to be painted by an artist. The warm and bright colors palette of the landscape enchants the visitors at first sight, giving off thrilling and evocative vibes.

All the towns of the Coast are connected by the scenic “SS 163” road, also known as Amalfitana.

Since 2009 it is one of the fifty most beautiful roads of the world and it has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with the Costiera itself. It is a downright engineering masterpiece with its dangerous bends, tunnels and viaduct; a 50 Km narrow road that runs along the Coast with an overview of the sparkling sea waters below.

The absolute best time for driving along the Amalfi Coast is April and early May or late October into November. If you visit it in peak season, note that you may spend time in stationary traffic, but, on the other hand, you can take advantage of those moments taking pictures of the stunning view.

There are 13 major cities along the route: Amalfi, Atrani, Cetara, Conca dei Marini, Furore, Maiori, Minori, Positano, Praiano, Ravello, Scala, Tramonti, Vetri sul Mare.

Among the cities of the Costiera Amalfitana, for sure the most known are Sorrento and Amalfi. The first, famous worldwide for its lemon trees, is also called Terra delle Sirene (Mermaids Land); it was indeed believed mythical creatures inhabited the crystal-clear waters. Amalfi gives the name to the entire Coast and it is an authentic fairy place. The legend narrates how the city was built to honor Hercules’ lover, Amalfi, whose eyes were as blue as the sea waters.

The latter is probably the best place where you can take a brake and enjoy a tasteful lunch. It offers a wide choice of exceptional restaurants, either with spectacular views of the sea, or among the narrow streets of the town.

At the end of the day, enjoy a wonderful panoramic Helicopter flight on the way back.

Your choice:

  • Ferrari Portofino
  • Lamborghini Huracan Spyder
  • Ferrari Roma
  • Lamborghini Urus
  • Ferrari F8 Coupé

Ask for other supercars or wonderful vintage cars.

Trip Details

  1. Helicopter transfer to Sorrento
  2. Supercar briefing and driving Experience
  3. Helicopter return transfer from Ravello
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