Enjoy fascinating sceneries of Maggiore and d’Orta lakes, an artistic heritage territory, known by the aristocracy as Europe’s Garden, while flying over stunning Borromee Islands: Madre Island, the biggest and known worldwide for its astonishing botanical gardens. Bella Island, famous for its parks, a ten overlapping terraces Italian style garden, decorated with fountains and classical statues. And Pescatori Island, the first inhabited one.

Continuing with an overfly of the most romantic Italian lake, d’Orta, a haunt of artists and writers, portray even in Balzac work, where right at the centre the mysterious San Giulio Island rises a little piece of land, where according to the legend Saint Giulio defeated dragons and snakes.

Admire the IV century San Giulio Basilica, the only construction on the island, transformed into an abbey which houses a community of Benedictine nuns.

Ending on a high note with an aperitivo at the top of Mottarone, while enjoying 1500 meter high 360º breath-taking views from the Maritime Alps to the Mount Rose, passing through Po Valley and all six lakes. An unforgettable and necessary break from the city life.

Trip Details

  1. Shuttle service
  2. Helicopter Panoramic Flight
  3. Bottle of an Excellent Italian Sparkling Wine
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