Discovering from a unique point of view the steeply terraced cliffs bisected by a complicated system of fields and gardens that have been hacked, chiselled, shaped and layered over the course of nearly two millennia.

Immerse yourself in the timeless appeal of these five fishing communities, walk around in the colorful village of Monterosso, have a tasteful Mediterranean lunch in a typical restaurant.

With so many grapevines and olive trees on the surrounding hillsides, wine and oil are a must on locals’ tables. They prove excellent companions for the salted anchovies of Monterosso, served in olive oil, as well as the many specialty dishes, authentic gastronomic delights.

And don’t forget a final glass of ‘Sciacchetrà’, a prized dessert wine made from prime grapes,  dried to the point of holding only a few drops of sweet juice.

Trip Details

  1. Helicopter scenic flight from/to Rapallo, Genova, Massa or Pisa
  2. 3 hours stop in Monterosso
  3. Shuttle service
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