Situated in the Mediterranean sea, north of Sardinia, Corsica is known not only as Napoleon’s homeland but also as a lavishing green isle. It is a land where tradition and history are well preserved and kept in several citadels overlooking the sea. The Island of Beauty, as the French call it, owes its name to the red cliffs plunging into incredible turquoise waters, sandy beaches and hidden coves.

With this astonishing background, Domaine de Murtoli is enclosed in a traditional Corsican style village, combining luxury with modernity and authenticity.  The uniqueness of the hotel is due to the twenty or so shepherds ‘houses and landlord mansions from the XVII century, which create a proper traditional village.

The Domaine de Murtoli is an estate like no other in the world, not quite an agritourism and more than a five-star hotel; therefore, your experience would be one of a kind.

A short twenty minutes flight will take you to an enchanted paradise where nature reigns supreme; a unique experience that will make your holidays unforgettable.

For your lunch at the Domaine, you will have three restaurants to choose from: Table de la Plage, Table de la Grotte and Table de la Ferme. The latter, during summer season, hosts Michelin-starred chef Mathieu Pacaud who, with a regional inspired menu, showcases local products grown on the Island, if not across the property itself.

Enjoy the quiet and charming day and embark on a gastronomic journey in some of the prestigious restaurants of the island.

Trip Details

  1. Departure from Olbia or any North Sardinia Helipad
  2. Scenic Flight over Costa Smeralda and South of Corsica
  3. Restaurant Reservation
  4. Additional activities are available upon request
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