In the 1960 the Arab Prince Karim Age Khan arrived on the Gallura Coast and fell in love with it, so much so that he renamed it Costa Smeralda, Emerald Coast, from the incredible sea water color. Today, it is Sardinia’s most glamorous vacation spot, where relevant figures in the international jet set, sport, finance, politics and industry spend their holidays.

The panorama is as unique as it can be, with rocky mountains overlooking white beaches and the most stunning emerald-green sea you will ever see. A gracious architecture and a simple and refined style of low houses, villas, golf courses and marinas, surrounded by juniper bushes and Mediterranean scrub, create a perfect and harmonical scenery.

Enjoy the fabulous atmosphere of a breathtaking sunset flight and take some incredible pictures. You will be amazed by the shining red sun, descending deep into the waters, and the chromatic variations of the transparent sea.

Overfly Spiaggia del Principe, the Arabian Prince’s preferred spot, renamed it after him (Prince’s Beach), and a raw jewel enshrouded in the verdant scrub, pink rocks and white sand, overlooking the emerald sea. Through a panoramic flight, you will enjoy the beauty of Costa Smeralda at its fullest.

Trip Details

  1. Departure from Olbia or any North Sardinia Helipad
  2. Scenic Flight over Costa Smeralda
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