It is not a dream!

In 1972 Mr. Giampaolo Dallara founded the “Dallara Automobili da Competizione ” in his hometown, known as Italy Motor Valley. After a degree in aeronautical engineering, he landed several jobs at big names of the automotive industry such as Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini and De Tomaso. Today, as of 2012, all racing cars on circuits are Dallara. 

The Dallara Dream Xperience starts with a beautiful Helicopter transfer from Milano to Varano Melegari, near Parma,  Dallara’s headquarter.


The Exhibition Area and the Driving Simulator

The visitors will immerse themselves in racing cars and supercars history, walking on the exhibition ramp and admiring the historic models.

Continuing the visit, you will see the famous Dallara Driving Simulator, one of only three in the World and the most precise simulator dedicated to professional racing drivers and engineers.


Discover all the details about Dallara Stradale

You will witness every stage of the assembly through which the engineers create and customize Dallara Stradale models.

They have combined all their knowledge of the field: from kilometres at the simulator to the asphalt on racetracks all over the World; from hours spent perfecting the details to the meticulous data study; from the racing car successes to the mistakes learning lessons; from experiments to innovations.

This is how Dallara Stradale came into being: embodying over 40 years of experience and passion for racing cars.

The result? A vehicle that is a combination of design and sportiviness with an aerodynamic soul.

Function generates shape, Elegance meets efficiency: specifically, the perfectionist study of car shapes, the racetrack experience results with Formula, GT and Le Mans Prototype vehicles allowed Dallara Stradale to put on the road over 820 kilos of aerodynamic load at top speed and a lateral acceleration of more than 2G with road tyres.

With Dallara Stradale, the past becomes the future: they have focused decades of efforts into aerodynamics applied to racing cars, creating a car like no other.


Trip Details

  1. Helicopter Transfer to Dallara Headquarters
  2. Tour of the Academy and the Exhibition Area
  3. Visit of the Driving Simulator, wind tunnel and DARC Dallara Advanced Research Composite
  4. Tour of the Dallara Stradale Factory
  5. Experience with Dallara Stradale 
  6. Lunch at the Dallara Academy Restaurant
  7. Gift Pack of the Experience
  8. Helicopter Transfer back
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