When Giacomo Rallo founded Donnafugata winery, together with his wife Gabriella, a pioneer of a quality viticulture, in 1983, he had a vision: become an excellency in the Sicilian wine Renaissance. Today, Donnafugata is a staple in the winemaking business and a representative brand of Sicily and its culture.

The recipe of the Rallo family’s wines success are years of knowledge of the industry, passed down to generation after generation, small and quality production, combined with unique lands and grapes.

There, at Cantina Vittoria, a voyage through the Sicilian baroque awaits you and rest assure, it will conquer you: strolling through the vineyards, savoring fine wines while eating some of the most traditional and well-known Sicilian food bites.

The Donnafugata Cantina Vittoria grow mostly Frappato and Nero d’Avola which gave life to cool and fragrant wines with a floral and fruity soul. Although the winery produces mainly red wines, a small production of extra virgin olive oil is present. The Donnafugata Tonda Iblea oil is the perfect balance between sour and spicy, with a full-rounded and harmonic body.

Through a scenic flight over the Sicilian landscape, you will land at Donnafugata Cantina Vittoria and begin your experience. Surrounded by olive trees, citrus fruits, grapevines, herbs and all the exotics scents that comes with them, you will visit the winery and have a one-of-a-kind wine tasting experience.

Trip Details

  1. Helicopter scenic flight
  2. Food and wine tasting at Donnafugata Cantina Vittoria
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