Embark on a helicopter ride and take a scenic tour of the breathtaking North Italian mountains, you will reach the most incredible snowcap peaks and start your journey down with a once-in-a-lifetime off-piste skiing experience.

Talking about Northern Italy, most would conjure up the glamorous city of Milan or Como and only a few would picture snowy mountain peaks.

Only a short ride distance from these charming cities, the beauty of the Italian Alps awaits you. From the great Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with Agner, Antelao, and Marmolada peaks, the latter also known as the Queen of the Dolomites, to the Orobics Alps, or Bergamasque Alps for their closeness with the city of Bergamo.

Moving on, we cannot miss mentioning the so-called Europe Roof or the King of the Alps, Mount Blanc. It is located on the French-Italian border and it is the highest peak in Europe, eleventh globally. Close to it, Matterhorn, or Cervino in Italian, is the most photographed mountain in the world, its view always breathtaking.

Now all you have to do is to choose one of these incredible mountains where your Heliski experience will begin.

Trip Details

  1. Helicopter panoramic flight
  2. Off-piste skiing experience
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