Being the largest Italian lake, Lake Garda or Benaco, has a surface of 130 square km. Its shoreline touches three of the northern regions of Italy: Lombardy, Veneto, and Trentino Alto-Adige.  It is rich in rose-bay shrubs, olive trees, and vines that, together with picturesque villages, parks, and little ports, create an overall fairytale-like picture.

This magnificent place is ideal for a tailor-made vacation, whether you are a nature lover, an athlete, or a history and culture enthusiast. Architecture, history, and art aficionados will appreciate the numerous and wonderful hamlets, castles, monasteries, monuments, and museums that line the lake shores.

Throughout history, writers such as Catullus, Gabriele D’Annunzio, Goethe, and Giosuè Carducci have long written about the many beauties the lake has to offer.

“I might have been in Verona this evening but a magnificent natural phenomenon was in my vicinity – Lake Garda, a splendid spectacle, which I did not want to miss, and now I am nobly rewarded for taking this circuitous route. […] The shore, which is enclosed on both sides by hill and mountain, shines with a countless number of little hamlets.” Goethe, Italian Journey

The populations of Garda have cultivated olive trees since Roman times; thanks to the favorable Mediterranean microclimate of the region, the Garda area, is the most northerly place in the world where olive oil is produced. Also, due to its windy weather,  the lake is known to be the land of windsurfing and sailing.

For centuries Lake Garda has enchanted people from all over the world: Winston Churchill defined the carved roads into the rock, along the lake, the eighth wonder of the world.

Through a panoramic flight, you will be able to fully admire all the beauties and treasures of the small villages situated around the shore.

Departing from your hotel, you will marvel at the real-life postcard that is Limone sul Garda, the Roman-style Scaligero Castle in Malcesine, built in the XIII century by Della Scala family, the monumental Vittoriale degli Italiani Palace in Gardone Riviera, going on to the peak of Mount Baldo where you will have a full view of the lake and Garda Island at the center of it.

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