When Ferdinand Porsche started the company in 1930, it was not to make cars. In fact, Mr. Porsche only offered motor vehicle development work and consulting, although the aim was to motorize the masses, supporting the creation of a Volk-Wagen (from German, “car for the people”). It was his son, Ferry Porsche, who decide to create his own and, if we might say, the results were outstanding.

Since there was “no car worth buying” at that time, Mr. Porsche Junior designed the Porsche 356, created using post-war Volkswagen Beetle components. The model itself set a threshold; not only it had agile handling but it also guaranteed comfort and reliability, two characteristics not known or even contemplated for a vehicle at that time. Following significant achievements in the motor-racing world, the company launched the Porsche 911, an air-cooled, rear-engine car with six cylinder “boxer” engine.

This newest model was a success not only on race-track and rallies but also in road car sales; it was ahead of its time and it still is a symbol of the brand itself. Although it evolved throughout the years, in 2014, the Technical Inspection Association elected it as Germany’s most reliable car.

Reading about the history and achievements of the brand, sure allows you to more appreciate it; however, what if it would be possible to actually take the cars out for a drive?

Since September 2021, following the inauguration of the Porsche Experience Center in Franciacorta, Italy, you will get to test for yourself the cars’ potentialities. It is a 60 hectares complex with different concepts and activities allowing clients, aficionados, businesses and families to enter the Porsche world and be part of it.

There are several kinds of experiences offered, such as the Drift Academy for “whoever love to drift without losing control”, the Off-road Experience, the Drivers Challenge, the Tasting and Co-pilot experience with a professional Porsche instructor, and even the My Porsche dedicated to Porsche car’s owners. Last but not least, an E-Kart experience is also available starting from 14 years old and up.

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Embark on a helicopter flight to Franciacorta, home of wine and innovation par excellence, take a panoramic tour over the Porsche Experience Center and try out the car of your dream, upon landing. Through the different experience choices, you would be able to better know the cars in detail, test their full potential and have fun while driving some of the best cars in the world. At the end, you could always stop at Speedster Restaurant, an elegant location overlooking the circuits. There, you could enjoy traditional Mediterranean cuisine dishes together with the best wines Franciacorta has to offer. To finish off the experience, a scenic flight will take you back.

Trip Details

  1. Helicopter transfer and panoramic flight over the Porsche Center
  2. Porsche Experience
  3. Lunch at Speedster Restaurant
  4. Helicopter flight back
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