The Archipelago of La Maddalena National Park is a protected geographical and marine area, composed of groups of isles situated in the northeast of the Gallura coast, between Sardinia and Corsica. The main island, La Maddalena, is a sought-after destination and an authentic paradise on Earth.

Enjoy a scenic helicopter flight over La Maddalena Archipelago. From above you will be able to better take in all the beauty of the scenery: the overall bright colors, the stunning archipelago, and the breathtaking sea waters will easily reach the top of your list as a once-in-a-lifetime-experience.

A truly divine way to enhance your holidays, is the lunch that would follow at La Casitta, situated on the archipelago in a unique and exclusive location.

Built in the 1920 as a shepherds’ lodge, today is a picturesque hotel with a gourmet restaurant and a winery with a selection of the best French and Italian wines. On the menu: fish and crustaceans of the day, homemade bronze-drawn pasta and others local seasonal products in honor of a traditional Mediterranean cuisine.

Between the view, scents and flavors, it would be a full-on sensorial experience.

Trip Details

  1. Helicopter Scenic flight over Sardinia Coast and La Maddalena Archipelago
  2. Restaurant reservation
  3. Preferred departure points are Olbia and Porto Cervo
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