Through a  wonderful panoramic helicopter flight over Paestum, Salerno and the charming Amalfi coast, you will take a guided tour of the Tenuta Vannulo, a Certified Organic Farm ICEA, where the famous Mozzarella di Bufala DOP is made.

The estate has 600 buffaloes, treated only with homeopathic remedies, and it uses avant-garde techniques of milking to safeguard animal welfare, hygiene and milk quality such as showers, brushes, rubber mats and even music.

The Mozzarella di Bufala has its origins in the Middle Ages and it is a cherished component of Italian cuisine culture. Distinguished by the delicateness of its flavor, its aromatic scent and texture, it was renamed Oro Bianco, White Gold. It is the epitome of the Made in Italy and a worldwide star that features in every kitchen, from families ’tables to Michelin star chefs’ kitchens.

The processing of the mozzarella is made entirely by hand, in full respect of scrupulous hygiene norms, and with Campania’s buffalo milk exclusively.

Moreover, the Vannulo estate combine the products of the traditions with testing new flavors such as yogurt, pudding and ice cream;  not to mention chocolate shop’s products like pistachio, hazelnut and chocolate spreads.

You will also enjoy a light lunch, tasting the farm’s products accompanied by dishes prepared with vegetables grown in the garden of the estate.

Finally, to end this fantastic experience, you will enjoy another panoramic flight that will take you back to your hotel.

Trip Details

  1. Departure from: Sorrento, Capri, Almalfi coast (Ravello/Scala), Naples APT
  2. Shuttle to helipad
  3. Panoramic flight over Paestum, Salerno, Amalfi coast
  4. Landing in estate Vannulo
  5. Guided visit
  6. Tasting of their products
  7. Light lunch
  8. Return by panoramic flight
  9. Shuttle to your hotel
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