Enjoy magnificent alpine landscapes flying over one of the highest ranges: The Bernina. Land on top of the Bitto Valley, and savour one of the world five more expensive cheeses, on a private guided tasting in an authentic cellar, while enjoying a glass of Valtellina’s handcrafted nebiollo grape wine, the powerful Sforzato. Continue with a unique Valtellina’s dining experience, where high quality raw ingredients enhance extraordinary combinations.

Taste flavourful buckwheat based dishes in scenic establishments, where the understanding of Italian culture will come through an organic diving experience.

The Bitto cheese is produced using locally sourced raw milk from cows fed on high alpine meadows, with an aging period that could last for over ten years, making Bitto the only cheese in the world that can be ripen for that long. In fact, its name derives from the celtic word “Bittu”, meaning eternal. Ingrained in the Valtellina’s culture, Bitto manufacturing process has been handed down from generation to generation with wisdom and far-sightedness. Of a sweet and delicate taste at the beginning of its ripening process, Bitto cheese develops a sharper and richer flavor after every year in the cellar, increasing its nobility until becoming so distinguished that is able to enchant the most refined palate. Savour one of the most prestigious cheeses at the Alta Gerola Casera, a SlowFood® certified establishment and awarded with the Italian Protected Product Origin Denomination (DOC), where a private Bitto tasting will open the doors to a world of wonders. Thanks to our partnership, our guests will be able to reserve an exclusive and customized Bitto cheese and leave it it in the Casera for aging prior to its shipment.

Of all Italian slow food certified cities, three are in Valtellina area. The alpine cities of Chiavenna, Teglio and Tirano offer unique flavours, where one can embrace their historical, artistic and natural features and see that their residents are still the main characters in the slow course of the seasons. Be delighted with the famous Bresaola, a soft and rather savoury salted beef, some Sciats, casera cheese filled small buckwheat fritters, the “Earth Gold”, famous “Polenta Taragna” a buckwheat based porridge, and the most know Valtellina’s dish, the Pizzochero, hand made buckwheat noodles seasoned with alpine butter, potatoes, cabbage and bitto cheese. Despite their simple ingredients, Valtellina’s specialties are full of taste and tradition. Helitaly: Helicopter Italy partners are the best on the area, and guarantee an exclusive and original experience. Gratify the palate with something different, dive into a Valtellina’s rich culinary culture.

Trip Details

  1. Helicopter fly-over Como Lake and Valtellina.
  2. Shuttled service.
  3. Helitaly Personal Tour Assistant.
  4. Valtellina’s tasting experience. Either a Bitto cheese & Sforzato wine tasting in a Bitto Valley authentic cellar followed by a Valtellina’s cuisine dining in a typical restaurant just few minutes by helicopter away.
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