The Valley of the Temples is one of the largest archaeological sites in the world and it is situated on the hills of the ancient Akragas, now Agrigento. The Park is 1300 hectares large and hosts six ancient temples built in the 5th century BC when the city was a Greek colony. Today, the ruins are still well preserved and they are one of the most significant testimonies of Greek culture and art; therefore, it was nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.

We suggest starting the visit from Rupe Atenea, the highest peak where you can enjoy the view of the entire valley below, as well as the remains of the Temple of Demeter. Descending through the Via Panoramica Dei Templi, you will come upon the Temples of Juno, followed by the Temple of Concordia, the park symbol and the most well-preserved temple of the Valley, due to its conversion into a Catholic Basilica around the 6th century BC.

Then, you will encounter the Temple of Heracles, the oldest one, mentioned by Cicero and Titus Livy; the Temple of Zeus, the largest, 30 meters high and 100 meters long, and the Temple of Dioscuri, to finish, rebuilt in the 19th century and the very symbol of Agrigento.

Inside the park, you will discover many other wonders such as the Garden of Kolymbrethra, a true paradise on earth, managed by FAI (the National Trust for Italy) since 1999. The garden is home to Mediterranean scrub, ancient varieties of orange trees, citrus and almond, and some century-old olive trees.

Embark on a panoramic flight over the archaeological park and take a guided tour of the Valley of the Temples upon landing; learn all about history and myths in one of the most significant ruins in all of Sicily.


The experience is available with departure from Catania and Taormina area.

Trip Details

  1. Scenic flight above the Valley of the Temples
  2. Guided tour
  3. Limo service (if needed)
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