The Romantic City is located within the Venetian lagoon, made up of 62 islands. The surface of the lagoon is about 550 km2. The entire territory was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1987.

Just look Venice from above to realize how the beauty of its sumptuous and refined buildings, the richness of the churches, its streets full of colors and echoes, its bridges, a perfect synthesis of technique and aesthetics. They are only a small part of a surprising and primitive world made up of an archipelago of lands emerged between mud flats and sandbanks.

The best known islands are: the very famous Venezia; Murano, the island of glass, from the first centuries it had great commercial importance with its port Sant’Erasmo. It became an industrial center dedicated to the artistic processing of glass; Burano, the island of lace, famous for its colorful houses and for the refined processing of needle lace, it is a place out of time; Torcello, the rural island, is perhaps one of the most evocative places of the primitive lagoon civilization, full of history, myths and legends; The Island of San Michele holds the notorious cemetery of artists and writers; The Island of Sant’Erasmo is a real vegetable garden for Venetians.

The lagoon from the sky is spectacular. The island of Venice is shaped like a fish, incredible! Discover this fantastic place from a unique and exclusive point of view.

Trip Details

  1. Departure from Venezia Lido
  2. Suggested Flight time minimum 20 minutes
  3. Landing to Venezia Lido
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